(Thursday Open Studio)  Mixed Media Florals with Henry Matisse

(Thursday Open Studio) Mixed Media Florals with Henry Matisse

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Henri Matisse grew up in the northern part of France, in a family who loved him dearly. His father was a grain merchant and strict with Henri, who wanted the best for him and sacrificed a lot so, he could go to school in Paris and studied law. In 1888 Henri passed the bar and took a job as a law clerk.
In 1889 Henri came down with appendicitis. During his recovery, his mother got him some art supplies for something to do. He fell in love with painting and art. He decided he wanted to become an artist. (His father was very disappointed), but realized that his son would do amazing things.

Henri began to explore painting, with his mother encouraging him not to follow the normal rules of art, but to try out new things and to paint his emotions. He spent a year studying art at the Academie Julian in Paris but left to train under the artist Gustave Moreau, where he could explore more modern styles of painting.

Because Henri never gave up and pursued his dream, with the support of so many he became one of the world's most famous modern artists.

We love to help children explore new kinds of art while using the skills they have learned and incorporating their creativeness.

We are starting a new project this week and would love to have you join us.